I Am Keeping You Very Safe

Earth’s scenes are growing darker. Look to Me. At times My prophets may confuse you, but very soon all will be crystal clear. I cloud your vision that you may not see all the evil that is swirling around you threatening to snuff out your very existence. I would not have you live in fear. It is much easier to trust in Me when you do not see the deep ravines on either side of your narrow path. Therefore, your prayers that I open your eyes are not always answered the way you expect. Praying that My Will be done is very wise and works an exceeding great reward. You are but little children, and it is through My mercy and grace that you will be brought safely home. Mighty works are not done through your greatness or your revelations of Me, but rather your trust in My Will being all that you need. Trust in and submission to My Will is a rare quality which welds the very corridors and pillars of heaven. It is the foundation upon which all else resides. My Spirit is upon the face of the Earth doing a mighty work. What looks to you to be utter chaos is but a curtain which I work behind. Everything is going according to My perfect plan. Continue trusting and resting in Me, for your rewards are soon to come. Watch, for I will reveal much to you as you rest under the shadow of My Wing. I would not have you be anxious, for I am keeping you very safe. Walk in the light of My Word. Trust, rest, and hope, for all of your hopes and expectations will soon vanish into joy unspeakable and full of glory. Heaven far exceeds your fondest dreams and cherished hopes. Child, I treasure you and come to receive you unto Myself very soon. I hold out My scepter to you even now. You are accepted, cherished, redeemed and loved. Hope thou in Me and watch, for time has ended and the time of your departure is near.