Follow Me

Oh, My little ones, the time is at hand. Look to Me, for I am bringing you to a place you have never been before. Do not look to past experiences to guide you, but listen to My voice within you — then follow Me. The hour is very dark and the enemy close at hand. Your only refuge is with Me. One step off My path will lead to serious injury to you and those around you, but My grace is sufficient for you. I have darkened the areas on either side of My path on purpose that you would not see the evil one, for if you saw the evil, you would focus on the enemy and not on Me. This is the path to Golgotha. My blood is sufficient for you. — I did not die in vain. All your prayers are heard and will be answered. I see the concerns for your loved ones, and rightly so, for I have placed you in their midst as a channel through which I flow. Empty yourselves of all but Me. Rid yourself of pride and foolish arguments. Focus on fruits of the Spirit, and let them flow out of you like a banquet for all to partake of. See Me in All. Do not take one step on your own. Hold fast to nothing, but instead, give All to Me for safekeeping. I am coming for you, and I will not delay. Even My littlest ones will not be ashamed, for I hold and cherish My little ones in the palm of My hand and provide rest and peace for their weary souls. Shalom

Lead Them Out

Oh, My little ones, have I not called thee? Have I not taught thee at My feet, and have I not given thee a place of honor in My Kingdom. Now I say unto thee, the time is at hand and the hour has come. I will work a mighty work, and I will smite the Earth. Come with Me, and live with Me. Set your eyes only upon Me. My little ones have been chosen, called out and created since the foundations of the earth, and they have such a high place of honor that they will be overwhelmed. They are always at My feet. They never leave Me ~ ever. They seek Me, they love Me and they have nothing in themselves but Me. I have chosen them for such a time as this. I do not give My fiercest battles to anyone but My strongest leaders. My strongest leaders do nothing of themselves. The time is now at hand and the hour has come. It is now time to lead My children out. Lead them out. They come to you, and you must lead them out of their wilderness and bring them to My Promised Land. They are ready. They are weeping. They are seeking My face. They lack direction, they lack courage, and they lack security. — But they love Me. Such love you have never witnessed as these My children whom I am leading out. Follow Me. Like Moses, follow Me. Do not look to the right hand or to the left — but follow Me. I am the Lord thy God, and I will not fail you. COME. — The battle cry splits the air. — NOW, MARCH. — You know where you are going. You have traveled this path many times before. This time is no different — but the end result is glorious. For this time and this hour you have been created, trained and prepared. Lead My people out, and watch the enemy let them go!!

Trust and Rest in Me

In the darkness of the night I come to you, seeking you. I give you rest when you are weary and hold you when you are weak. Your shortcomings are many, but I have placed them there to draw you unto Me. If one day passed and you did not fall, you would believe you had grown to not need Me. Therefore I allow you to fail. It is not sin, per se, or lack of love for Me on your part, but it is a vital lesson in the classroom of life. Therefore, the knowledge of your weakness leads you to walk in My strength. You will never out grow your need for Me, for all you are is because of what I have already done for you. You cherish beyond measure the time we spend together and you long that it could be more. You strive to seek Me and to understand My Ways. Unexplained emotions reside in the depth of your heart, placed there by Me. But, very soon you will know and understand even as you are known. The vapor of your short life arises as a sweet smelling savor before the Throne, captured in the breath of your praise. The height of the glory of My creation on Earth is My Bride as she lifts her head in adoration to Me. You feel the complete filth of the world permeate the very air you breathe as you rise to complete your tasks each day. It threatens to stifle your very life. Therefore, you stop your ears and hide your eyes from the scenes that threaten your very existence. Hope thou in Me. “As it was in the days of Noah…” Did you think you would not see this come to pass? All of My word comes to pass. Not one jot will fail. You will see it all come to pass in the safety of the Shadow of My Wing. You will see Satan brought to complete nothingness along with his haughty followers. You will be part of this great and Mighty victory, for you rule and reign with Me. All of the victories you hold in your storehouse will arise to accomplish this great feat, as My Bride, who has overcome the evil one, rises with victory in her hand to smite the earth and its wickedness. All will come to pass, for My Word is alive and will be fulfilled. Shalom

Highest Calling

I didn’t need you to carry the burden of the world or shoulder its sins, but what I did need was your love. I didn’t need your sleepless nights or your insight into the world’s evil, but what I did need was for you to rest your head in My Arms. I didn’t wish that I could do great and mighty things through you, but I did wish you could see that it was already done. I didn’t need you to see how the task before you was to be accomplished, but I did need you to see that none of it mattered. You are shocked and disheartened when you see My Word come to pass, and yet you search diligently when nothing seems to be happening. You are anxious and concerned about many events, to the extent that the adrenaline of the unknown drives you into a feeling of aliveness. But child, nothing adds to your growth in Me ~ like Trust. For like Daniel, knowledge makes you weak and faint. My Bride was not created for the evil that currently exists in the world. Therefore I will very soon take her away and bring her to My Side to fulfill the purpose for which she was created. Wait patiently in My Presence until all is fulfilled. You were not created to fight this battle you are in the middle of. You were created to “stand still and know that I am God.” I allowed you to see and feel the evil of the land. Now, I will show you complete victory over all as you trust in Me. I only send into the heat of the battle those who know the battle is Mine. They simply trust, and I do everything else. So sit at My feet and watch all be fulfilled. You will arrive in My courts rested, completely ready to fulfill your purpose ~ As My Bride.

Bridal Train

Again, My little ones, I come to you. The hour is growing increasingly dark. I am earth’s only light, and I shine through you during this dark time. The foreboding darkness encroaches against the light, and the pressure shatters your sense of wellbeing, creating fireworks of light, as when transformers blow during a storm. I am your only refuge and will not allow your light to go out. You are pressed down but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed. As the storm rages, your light swings to and fro across the path creating light for lost souls, assisting them greatly along life’s way. When you are sorely pressed, life pours out from you within your hiding place, to feed the multitudes in the valley of decision. You are as completely exhausted from this endeavor as a pregnant mother whose whole existence is to provide life for the child within her. Therefore, you must rest or many will be aborted. Yet, the battle rages on. Seek not to understand all things, but instead, seek Me and My guidance. For, yet a little while, and all will be fulfilled. You will not regret this phase of My coming, for it is rich with blessing. Your sheaves are in. Your wagons are home. Now, I send you forth with My angels reaping where you have not sowed. All is done within the stillness of My presence and from your quiet abode by My side. My greatest servants, Moses and David, were fully trained for the battlefield in the solitude where only I existed. I am God and I change not. This phase of My coming is most abundant with blessing. Toss all of your cares on Me, and then watch them roll away as easily as sand is carried away by the seas. The Earth is fraught with burdens. Be not entangled. It is imperative that you consciously focus your eyes on Me. Put on the whole armor of God and having done all to stand — stand. In Me, all your battles are fought and won. Mature is the warrior who knows he has no strength but Mine. Even one step on your own will result in failure, but all victories are won in Me. Where do you think the long train comes from on the wedding gown of My Bride? It is created by the many, many victories My Bride has won in My Name. She is victorious over Satan through the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony. It is not her works that make her victorious, but her trust and reliance on My works and My blood. She knows who she is and who she represents. She is Mine, and I come for her and her alone. Shalom

Dove’s Eyes

I, the Lord thy God, am with thee. Cast all your cares on Me. The hour grows dark and the air thick and heavy, yet nothing obscures My Light from before your path. My little ones, do not fear, though the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you on your jobs, in your homes and through even your family. Forgive all, love all and cast all at My feet. Empty handed, My Bride will rise to meet Me in the air. She, as Esther, will bring nothing but her great love for Me and the gifts My Holy Spirit has bestowed upon her as I redeem her from this Earth and place her at My seat of Honor. Look only to Me and not at the road that drops off beside you. Be as the dove that can only see straight ahead and not to the right hand or to the left. Have eyes only for Me. Spread love, spread cheer, spread laughter and not fear. For the hour of My coming is at hand, and I joy over thee. Oh, My little ones, how I love you, how I cherish you and how I hold you close. Abba Father