Dove’s Eyes

I, the Lord thy God, am with thee. Cast all your cares on Me. The hour grows dark and the air thick and heavy, yet nothing obscures My Light from before your path. My little ones, do not fear, though the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you on your jobs, in your homes and through even your family. Forgive all, love all and cast all at My feet. Empty handed, My Bride will rise to meet Me in the air. She, as Esther, will bring nothing but her great love for Me and the gifts My Holy Spirit has bestowed upon her as I redeem her from this Earth and place her at My seat of Honor. Look only to Me and not at the road that drops off beside you. Be as the dove that can only see straight ahead and not to the right hand or to the left. Have eyes only for Me. Spread love, spread cheer, spread laughter and not fear. For the hour of My coming is at hand, and I joy over thee. Oh, My little ones, how I love you, how I cherish you and how I hold you close. Abba Father