Bridal Train

Again, My little ones, I come to you. The hour is growing increasingly dark. I am earth’s only light, and I shine through you during this dark time. The foreboding darkness encroaches against the light, and the pressure shatters your sense of wellbeing, creating fireworks of light, as when transformers blow during a storm. I am your only refuge and will not allow your light to go out. You are pressed down but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed. As the storm rages, your light swings to and fro across the path creating light for lost souls, assisting them greatly along life’s way. When you are sorely pressed, life pours out from you within your hiding place, to feed the multitudes in the valley of decision. You are as completely exhausted from this endeavor as a pregnant mother whose whole existence is to provide life for the child within her. Therefore, you must rest or many will be aborted. Yet, the battle rages on. Seek not to understand all things, but instead, seek Me and My guidance. For, yet a little while, and all will be fulfilled. You will not regret this phase of My coming, for it is rich with blessing. Your sheaves are in. Your wagons are home. Now, I send you forth with My angels reaping where you have not sowed. All is done within the stillness of My presence and from your quiet abode by My side. My greatest servants, Moses and David, were fully trained for the battlefield in the solitude where only I existed. I am God and I change not. This phase of My coming is most abundant with blessing. Toss all of your cares on Me, and then watch them roll away as easily as sand is carried away by the seas. The Earth is fraught with burdens. Be not entangled. It is imperative that you consciously focus your eyes on Me. Put on the whole armor of God and having done all to stand — stand. In Me, all your battles are fought and won. Mature is the warrior who knows he has no strength but Mine. Even one step on your own will result in failure, but all victories are won in Me. Where do you think the long train comes from on the wedding gown of My Bride? It is created by the many, many victories My Bride has won in My Name. She is victorious over Satan through the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony. It is not her works that make her victorious, but her trust and reliance on My works and My blood. She knows who she is and who she represents. She is Mine, and I come for her and her alone. Shalom