Highest Calling

I didn’t need you to carry the burden of the world or shoulder its sins, but what I did need was your love. I didn’t need your sleepless nights or your insight into the world’s evil, but what I did need was for you to rest your head in My Arms. I didn’t wish that I could do great and mighty things through you, but I did wish you could see that it was already done. I didn’t need you to see how the task before you was to be accomplished, but I did need you to see that none of it mattered. You are shocked and disheartened when you see My Word come to pass, and yet you search diligently when nothing seems to be happening. You are anxious and concerned about many events, to the extent that the adrenaline of the unknown drives you into a feeling of aliveness. But child, nothing adds to your growth in Me ~ like Trust. For like Daniel, knowledge makes you weak and faint. My Bride was not created for the evil that currently exists in the world. Therefore I will very soon take her away and bring her to My Side to fulfill the purpose for which she was created. Wait patiently in My Presence until all is fulfilled. You were not created to fight this battle you are in the middle of. You were created to “stand still and know that I am God.” I allowed you to see and feel the evil of the land. Now, I will show you complete victory over all as you trust in Me. I only send into the heat of the battle those who know the battle is Mine. They simply trust, and I do everything else. So sit at My feet and watch all be fulfilled. You will arrive in My courts rested, completely ready to fulfill your purpose ~ As My Bride.