Trust and Rest in Me

In the darkness of the night I come to you, seeking you. I give you rest when you are weary and hold you when you are weak. Your shortcomings are many, but I have placed them there to draw you unto Me. If one day passed and you did not fall, you would believe you had grown to not need Me. Therefore I allow you to fail. It is not sin, per se, or lack of love for Me on your part, but it is a vital lesson in the classroom of life. Therefore, the knowledge of your weakness leads you to walk in My strength. You will never out grow your need for Me, for all you are is because of what I have already done for you. You cherish beyond measure the time we spend together and you long that it could be more. You strive to seek Me and to understand My Ways. Unexplained emotions reside in the depth of your heart, placed there by Me. But, very soon you will know and understand even as you are known. The vapor of your short life arises as a sweet smelling savor before the Throne, captured in the breath of your praise. The height of the glory of My creation on Earth is My Bride as she lifts her head in adoration to Me. You feel the complete filth of the world permeate the very air you breathe as you rise to complete your tasks each day. It threatens to stifle your very life. Therefore, you stop your ears and hide your eyes from the scenes that threaten your very existence. Hope thou in Me. “As it was in the days of Noah…” Did you think you would not see this come to pass? All of My word comes to pass. Not one jot will fail. You will see it all come to pass in the safety of the Shadow of My Wing. You will see Satan brought to complete nothingness along with his haughty followers. You will be part of this great and Mighty victory, for you rule and reign with Me. All of the victories you hold in your storehouse will arise to accomplish this great feat, as My Bride, who has overcome the evil one, rises with victory in her hand to smite the earth and its wickedness. All will come to pass, for My Word is alive and will be fulfilled. Shalom