Lead Them Out

Oh, My little ones, have I not called thee? Have I not taught thee at My feet, and have I not given thee a place of honor in My Kingdom. Now I say unto thee, the time is at hand and the hour has come. I will work a mighty work, and I will smite the Earth. Come with Me, and live with Me. Set your eyes only upon Me. My little ones have been chosen, called out and created since the foundations of the earth, and they have such a high place of honor that they will be overwhelmed. They are always at My feet. They never leave Me ~ ever. They seek Me, they love Me and they have nothing in themselves but Me. I have chosen them for such a time as this. I do not give My fiercest battles to anyone but My strongest leaders. My strongest leaders do nothing of themselves. The time is now at hand and the hour has come. It is now time to lead My children out. Lead them out. They come to you, and you must lead them out of their wilderness and bring them to My Promised Land. They are ready. They are weeping. They are seeking My face. They lack direction, they lack courage, and they lack security. — But they love Me. Such love you have never witnessed as these My children whom I am leading out. Follow Me. Like Moses, follow Me. Do not look to the right hand or to the left — but follow Me. I am the Lord thy God, and I will not fail you. COME. — The battle cry splits the air. — NOW, MARCH. — You know where you are going. You have traveled this path many times before. This time is no different — but the end result is glorious. For this time and this hour you have been created, trained and prepared. Lead My people out, and watch the enemy let them go!!