Follow Me

Oh, My little ones, the time is at hand. Look to Me, for I am bringing you to a place you have never been before. Do not look to past experiences to guide you, but listen to My voice within you — then follow Me. The hour is very dark and the enemy close at hand. Your only refuge is with Me. One step off My path will lead to serious injury to you and those around you, but My grace is sufficient for you. I have darkened the areas on either side of My path on purpose that you would not see the evil one, for if you saw the evil, you would focus on the enemy and not on Me. This is the path to Golgotha. My blood is sufficient for you. — I did not die in vain. All your prayers are heard and will be answered. I see the concerns for your loved ones, and rightly so, for I have placed you in their midst as a channel through which I flow. Empty yourselves of all but Me. Rid yourself of pride and foolish arguments. Focus on fruits of the Spirit, and let them flow out of you like a banquet for all to partake of. See Me in All. Do not take one step on your own. Hold fast to nothing, but instead, give All to Me for safekeeping. I am coming for you, and I will not delay. Even My littlest ones will not be ashamed, for I hold and cherish My little ones in the palm of My hand and provide rest and peace for their weary souls. Shalom