My Love Comes Down

Oh, My little ones, it is time. ~ My Love is coming down. You have bathed in the River of Life. You have washed your garments and made them spotless in My Blood. You have saturated yourselves in the Oil of My Spirit, and now I am coming down. My Spirit will flow through you as the mighty River of Life comes down and bathes this Earth with My Power. Little ones, look up!! Cleansing life comes from this Water as I saturate the Earth through My Empty vessels. For you are Mine, precious little ones, and oh, how I love you!! Seek Me, bring All to Me and Rest in Me, for I am in your midst to do a mighty work. It is I who performs the miracles, but you are My Bride, and I hold you close and cherish you with boundless measures which Earth has no concept of. Do you know, little ones, what the Power of My Water performs in you as it rushes through your vessels to saturate the grapes of this last great harvest? You will laugh with joy and delight in Me as you seek Me above all else. Your remaining time on Earth is short, for I love you, and it won’t be long. My precious little ones have eyes only for Me–Dove’s eyes–for as you focus on My eyes, you will capture My Heart, and the River of Life will flow out of you to provide health and healing to the Earth. My Bride, I beckon you, and I call to you through the lattice. My Beloved ~ your seat of honor awaits you, and I fight all of your battles as you trust in Me. All I desire is your great love for Me which pleasures Me beyond words. My Bride, I am coming for you on a day soon that you think not. Hope thou in Me, for I, your Bridegroom, await your coming…Shalom

Hidden Jewels

Oh, My little ones, I come to you because I love you far beyond human comprehension. The treasures of heaven are hidden and housed within you. Your status with Me does not change when I arrive to receive you unto Myself ~ for you are My Bride now, and all My Authority is yours. Like Esther, I have great plans for you that will forever change the course of this world and will pave the way for My return. Every detail of your life will be used ~ left behind by you when you step to My side as My Bride. None of your labor will be in vain for “all” of your trials will be used by Me to further My Kingdom. The Great City, the New Jerusalem, is built by My Bride. Oh, how I treasure everything done in My Name, for not one deed goes unused. The detail of this city mirrors the detail of My Bride as she goes about her daily tasks unknowingly creating the designs of heaven to perfection. You call it “earthly” tasks? It’s not “of Earth” when it is done in My Name. Little ones, I see everything, and your ground is fertile for your departure. I love you, and I am coming soon on a day that you know not of. Shalom

Waves of the Littlest Stones

Oh, My little ones, the time is very short. The sky grows ever darker and the battle intense. There are evil plans to destroy My very own, but I will not allow it. Gather close to Me, and seek My face. Grave deceit now covers the land. The tares are being separated from the wheat, and the plowing has begun. Soon, the chaff will start to burn. Labor not for vain glory, but obey Me in all things. Soon, My Wisdom will shine like the morning, and My Righteousness will guide you home. Do not discount the little things I ask of you, for I save an entire city by the prayer of one child. I overthrow nations from your prayer closet, and no one knows but Me. Remember Hannah. She prayed earnestly for a son, and look what I accomplished through Samuel. Treat the little things I ask of you as if it saved multitudes, for you will find out soon ~ it has. My nation, Israel, has consistently baffled the entire world through her unseen power. So it is with you, My little ones, for you are My own, and you do not walk alone, for where I am, there you are also. My disciples walked “with” Me, but My Bride walks as “One” with Me. Do not discount the “cup of cold water given in My Name” for it is as important as when I instructed Moses to lift his staff out over the sea. My little ones, it is I who parted the sea, and it is I who fed the multitudes from the meager two fish and five loaves. Many of you feel very insignificant, but My little ones, it is not so. If you felt you were of great use to Me, then I could no longer use you. I can only use those whose wills are welded with Mine and those who love Me above all else. Oh My little ones, how I treasure the sweet sound of your voice, and the cords of your life create glorious music surrounding My Throne. I Love you and will soon come to receive My Bride home. Shalom

All Authority Is Mine

Oh, My little ones, I have chosen you, prepared you and given you My Signet Ring. All of your past loss is but fuel for the fodder. Like Mary, you now long for nothing but Me. Perfection you have not attained without Me, and therefore My Strength is made perfect in you. I have looked with amazement at the Martha’s–there are so many–but it is the Mary’s at My feet that I have chosen. Mary gave up all and loved Me more than life itself. She is the one that hears Me. This last great harvest needs not the works that you can do for Me, but requires the Works that I can Do through you. The Mary’s that sit at My feet are willing to allow Me to flow through them. They “be” while I “DO”. Some little things have great significance, and this is one of them. I now call My little ones out of the fox holes where they are hidden. “But we are nothing” they say, “We have no boldness; we are afraid and even have trouble hearing His voice.” But times have changed. I called David out of the back pasture when even his own father forgot about him. I use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Do you really believe the boldness David fought Goliath with was his own? No, David was endowed with power from on high, and I will do the same for you. My little ones, the harvest time is here. All I ask is your obedience and your great love for Me. I do All the rest. You will speak with authority, and you will know that it is I and not you. The last Pentecost has arrived. You will walk as Peter, and your shadow will heal as you pass by the hurting. All power is Mine, little ones. That is why you feel you don’t have any. But we now walk as One. I needed empty vessels like the thief on the cross and the sinner by the Pharisee that smote His breast and said, “God, be merciful to Me a great sinner.” My little ones, you know that is you, but now you will see what “I Do.” For you are like Esther who was obedient and prepared, but I saved the whole nation of Israel in two days by her obedience and the authority of the king’s signet ring.

Oh, My little ones, you will sit at My feet in wonder when you hear Me say “thank you”, and you will have joy unspeakable when you view the multitudes of the last great harvest rejoicing around My throne. I love you, My little ones, and I have planned your entire life before the foundations of the world…now come again and sit at My feet. Shalom

I Am Hidden in Plain Sight

Oh, I come to you, longing for you ~ just to spend time with you. How I love you, My little ones. Your heart breaks for Me. You seek Me all day long. You run after Me, and yet it seems to you that I cannot be found. It’s because I am with you, in you and all around you; I am everywhere. You long to seek Me in the solitude, but I say unto you, if you look closely, you will see Me even clearer in the chaotic storm. You long for perfection, but I say unto you, I Am your perfection. Things are not always as they appear, for the very obstacle in your path is but Me. Look for Me in every situation and in everyone that crosses your path. In every circumstance are hidden vital lessons, and in every situation you will find Me waiting for you, in plain sight. As you learn to give all to Me, I ask that you sit quietly and watch Me perform My perfect plan. Most of My children find it very difficult to sit and hope quietly in Me. My plan is being fulfilled like clockwork, events are soon to occur, and there will be a great shaking. Know when these things come to pass that I am with you. No matter if the stone of your life seems not to go in the direction you so desperately aim, My little ones, it matters not ~ for I will catch you. Your perfection is not My end goal, for I have already done that for you. My goal is that we finish this journey together, as One, and yes, child, we will laugh. Abba Father

Prepare Like Esther

Once again I come to you, My little ones, guiding you, directing you. Come bathe in the river of My grace and wash yourselves in the glory of My Love. This is a time of preparation, of saturating yourselves in the oil of My Spirit. You are in the Bridal chamber as Esther was and she listened and prepared. The Glory cloud is overshadowing you that you might not see the evil in the world, but that you might prepare to come out of the world and to step forth when I hold out My Scepter. I look with longing toward you. I delight when you run for Me, and My heart thrills when you cast All at My feet. Do not be ashamed little ones to give Me your failures, your shortcomings and even those blatant sins. For it is I who have called you, redeemed you and made you My Own. I already know everything about you, but My ability to assist you is bound when you do not cast at My feet. I am gathering My littlest ones to sit in My lap so I can fully embrace them. Many of My children consider themselves to be “My Littlest Ones”. Those I cherish, for they know without Me they are nothing. Those are the empty vessels through which I pour out My Spirit upon the Earth. Lose All of self. Be not afraid to obey Me. Most of My greatest servants in The Holy Word were also very afraid to speak the Words I had given them. You have example after example of how they ran from Me and then ran back to Me and followed Me with all their hearts. This is the end of the last hour — this is Golgotha — I am separating you, calling you and consecrating you for My purpose and My plan. You will soon see Me, My little ones, and you will not be ashamed when I come — for you will finish your race “strong”. I love you, My Bride. Fear not to follow My leading in your heart, for your Bridegroom is coming. — Shalom

Vessels of Honor

Oh, My little ones, be not anxious when nothing seems to be happening to expedite My coming. All is working behind the scenes like clockwork and My coming is nigh, even at the door. You do not see all that is happening because I have hidden it ~ but for a moment. Soon My Light will shine on the darkness, and all will be revealed. Hide yourself in the inner closet, and seek My Face. Empty yourself before Me, and above all follow Me always. I am doing a great work in you that you would not believe even if you were told. You will soon see and know that it was I working through you and it was not of yourself. For I have broken the bread and fish you have given Me ~ and lo, I now feed the multitudes in the valley of decision with your life offerings. I have multiplied the “fruits” of your pain and your sufferings to bring in this last mighty harvest and “great”, My little ones, is your reward. Give All to Me, every hurt, every pain, every sin and loss, for I am working a mighty salvation as My Love comes down. My little ones, listen to My still small voice within you, and give All to Me. I need All of you to complete the short work I now make upon the Earth. Bring me the offering of yourself and all of your past, and watch Me transform it into a glorious vessel of honor for My Kingdom. Oh — how I love you, My little ones, and I am in your midst to do you good and not evil. Very soon now, I am coming ~ and I will not delay. Shalom