Vessels of Honor

Oh, My little ones, be not anxious when nothing seems to be happening to expedite My coming. All is working behind the scenes like clockwork and My coming is nigh, even at the door. You do not see all that is happening because I have hidden it ~ but for a moment. Soon My Light will shine on the darkness, and all will be revealed. Hide yourself in the inner closet, and seek My Face. Empty yourself before Me, and above all follow Me always. I am doing a great work in you that you would not believe even if you were told. You will soon see and know that it was I working through you and it was not of yourself. For I have broken the bread and fish you have given Me ~ and lo, I now feed the multitudes in the valley of decision with your life offerings. I have multiplied the “fruits” of your pain and your sufferings to bring in this last mighty harvest and “great”, My little ones, is your reward. Give All to Me, every hurt, every pain, every sin and loss, for I am working a mighty salvation as My Love comes down. My little ones, listen to My still small voice within you, and give All to Me. I need All of you to complete the short work I now make upon the Earth. Bring me the offering of yourself and all of your past, and watch Me transform it into a glorious vessel of honor for My Kingdom. Oh — how I love you, My little ones, and I am in your midst to do you good and not evil. Very soon now, I am coming ~ and I will not delay. Shalom