Prepare Like Esther

Once again I come to you, My little ones, guiding you, directing you. Come bathe in the river of My grace and wash yourselves in the glory of My Love. This is a time of preparation, of saturating yourselves in the oil of My Spirit. You are in the Bridal chamber as Esther was and she listened and prepared. The Glory cloud is overshadowing you that you might not see the evil in the world, but that you might prepare to come out of the world and to step forth when I hold out My Scepter. I look with longing toward you. I delight when you run for Me, and My heart thrills when you cast All at My feet. Do not be ashamed little ones to give Me your failures, your shortcomings and even those blatant sins. For it is I who have called you, redeemed you and made you My Own. I already know everything about you, but My ability to assist you is bound when you do not cast at My feet. I am gathering My littlest ones to sit in My lap so I can fully embrace them. Many of My children consider themselves to be “My Littlest Ones”. Those I cherish, for they know without Me they are nothing. Those are the empty vessels through which I pour out My Spirit upon the Earth. Lose All of self. Be not afraid to obey Me. Most of My greatest servants in The Holy Word were also very afraid to speak the Words I had given them. You have example after example of how they ran from Me and then ran back to Me and followed Me with all their hearts. This is the end of the last hour — this is Golgotha — I am separating you, calling you and consecrating you for My purpose and My plan. You will soon see Me, My little ones, and you will not be ashamed when I come — for you will finish your race “strong”. I love you, My Bride. Fear not to follow My leading in your heart, for your Bridegroom is coming. — Shalom