I Am Hidden in Plain Sight

Oh, I come to you, longing for you ~ just to spend time with you. How I love you, My little ones. Your heart breaks for Me. You seek Me all day long. You run after Me, and yet it seems to you that I cannot be found. It’s because I am with you, in you and all around you; I am everywhere. You long to seek Me in the solitude, but I say unto you, if you look closely, you will see Me even clearer in the chaotic storm. You long for perfection, but I say unto you, I Am your perfection. Things are not always as they appear, for the very obstacle in your path is but Me. Look for Me in every situation and in everyone that crosses your path. In every circumstance are hidden vital lessons, and in every situation you will find Me waiting for you, in plain sight. As you learn to give all to Me, I ask that you sit quietly and watch Me perform My perfect plan. Most of My children find it very difficult to sit and hope quietly in Me. My plan is being fulfilled like clockwork, events are soon to occur, and there will be a great shaking. Know when these things come to pass that I am with you. No matter if the stone of your life seems not to go in the direction you so desperately aim, My little ones, it matters not ~ for I will catch you. Your perfection is not My end goal, for I have already done that for you. My goal is that we finish this journey together, as One, and yes, child, we will laugh. Abba Father