All Authority Is Mine

Oh, My little ones, I have chosen you, prepared you and given you My Signet Ring. All of your past loss is but fuel for the fodder. Like Mary, you now long for nothing but Me. Perfection you have not attained without Me, and therefore My Strength is made perfect in you. I have looked with amazement at the Martha’s–there are so many–but it is the Mary’s at My feet that I have chosen. Mary gave up all and loved Me more than life itself. She is the one that hears Me. This last great harvest needs not the works that you can do for Me, but requires the Works that I can Do through you. The Mary’s that sit at My feet are willing to allow Me to flow through them. They “be” while I “DO”. Some little things have great significance, and this is one of them. I now call My little ones out of the fox holes where they are hidden. “But we are nothing” they say, “We have no boldness; we are afraid and even have trouble hearing His voice.” But times have changed. I called David out of the back pasture when even his own father forgot about him. I use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Do you really believe the boldness David fought Goliath with was his own? No, David was endowed with power from on high, and I will do the same for you. My little ones, the harvest time is here. All I ask is your obedience and your great love for Me. I do All the rest. You will speak with authority, and you will know that it is I and not you. The last Pentecost has arrived. You will walk as Peter, and your shadow will heal as you pass by the hurting. All power is Mine, little ones. That is why you feel you don’t have any. But we now walk as One. I needed empty vessels like the thief on the cross and the sinner by the Pharisee that smote His breast and said, “God, be merciful to Me a great sinner.” My little ones, you know that is you, but now you will see what “I Do.” For you are like Esther who was obedient and prepared, but I saved the whole nation of Israel in two days by her obedience and the authority of the king’s signet ring.

Oh, My little ones, you will sit at My feet in wonder when you hear Me say “thank you”, and you will have joy unspeakable when you view the multitudes of the last great harvest rejoicing around My throne. I love you, My little ones, and I have planned your entire life before the foundations of the world…now come again and sit at My feet. Shalom