Waves of the Littlest Stones

Oh, My little ones, the time is very short. The sky grows ever darker and the battle intense. There are evil plans to destroy My very own, but I will not allow it. Gather close to Me, and seek My face. Grave deceit now covers the land. The tares are being separated from the wheat, and the plowing has begun. Soon, the chaff will start to burn. Labor not for vain glory, but obey Me in all things. Soon, My Wisdom will shine like the morning, and My Righteousness will guide you home. Do not discount the little things I ask of you, for I save an entire city by the prayer of one child. I overthrow nations from your prayer closet, and no one knows but Me. Remember Hannah. She prayed earnestly for a son, and look what I accomplished through Samuel. Treat the little things I ask of you as if it saved multitudes, for you will find out soon ~ it has. My nation, Israel, has consistently baffled the entire world through her unseen power. So it is with you, My little ones, for you are My own, and you do not walk alone, for where I am, there you are also. My disciples walked “with” Me, but My Bride walks as “One” with Me. Do not discount the “cup of cold water given in My Name” for it is as important as when I instructed Moses to lift his staff out over the sea. My little ones, it is I who parted the sea, and it is I who fed the multitudes from the meager two fish and five loaves. Many of you feel very insignificant, but My little ones, it is not so. If you felt you were of great use to Me, then I could no longer use you. I can only use those whose wills are welded with Mine and those who love Me above all else. Oh My little ones, how I treasure the sweet sound of your voice, and the cords of your life create glorious music surrounding My Throne. I Love you and will soon come to receive My Bride home. Shalom