Hidden Jewels

Oh, My little ones, I come to you because I love you far beyond human comprehension. The treasures of heaven are hidden and housed within you. Your status with Me does not change when I arrive to receive you unto Myself ~ for you are My Bride now, and all My Authority is yours. Like Esther, I have great plans for you that will forever change the course of this world and will pave the way for My return. Every detail of your life will be used ~ left behind by you when you step to My side as My Bride. None of your labor will be in vain for “all” of your trials will be used by Me to further My Kingdom. The Great City, the New Jerusalem, is built by My Bride. Oh, how I treasure everything done in My Name, for not one deed goes unused. The detail of this city mirrors the detail of My Bride as she goes about her daily tasks unknowingly creating the designs of heaven to perfection. You call it “earthly” tasks? It’s not “of Earth” when it is done in My Name. Little ones, I see everything, and your ground is fertile for your departure. I love you, and I am coming soon on a day that you know not of. Shalom