My Love Comes Down

Oh, My little ones, it is time. ~ My Love is coming down. You have bathed in the River of Life. You have washed your garments and made them spotless in My Blood. You have saturated yourselves in the Oil of My Spirit, and now I am coming down. My Spirit will flow through you as the mighty River of Life comes down and bathes this Earth with My Power. Little ones, look up!! Cleansing life comes from this Water as I saturate the Earth through My Empty vessels. For you are Mine, precious little ones, and oh, how I love you!! Seek Me, bring All to Me and Rest in Me, for I am in your midst to do a mighty work. It is I who performs the miracles, but you are My Bride, and I hold you close and cherish you with boundless measures which Earth has no concept of. Do you know, little ones, what the Power of My Water performs in you as it rushes through your vessels to saturate the grapes of this last great harvest? You will laugh with joy and delight in Me as you seek Me above all else. Your remaining time on Earth is short, for I love you, and it won’t be long. My precious little ones have eyes only for Me–Dove’s eyes–for as you focus on My eyes, you will capture My Heart, and the River of Life will flow out of you to provide health and healing to the Earth. My Bride, I beckon you, and I call to you through the lattice. My Beloved ~ your seat of honor awaits you, and I fight all of your battles as you trust in Me. All I desire is your great love for Me which pleasures Me beyond words. My Bride, I am coming for you on a day soon that you think not. Hope thou in Me, for I, your Bridegroom, await your coming…Shalom