The Great Separation

Oh, My little ones, you feel something is amiss, and your spirit is unsettled within you. You have been separated from this world while yet living and working in it. I have called you out, and you have come. You are in My Ark of safety, and the great shaking occurs very soon. Remember who you are and where you are. I do not warn you in vain. Things have happened behind the scenes that you know not of. Very soon now all will change. Everything I have taught you will now be brought into focus. Your eyes must be fixed on Me. Blind yourself to everything but Me. Follow Me like the Israelites followed Moses through the Red Sea, and you will be led out safely. You will spoil the Enemy as the Israelites spoiled the Egyptians, and you will bring the treasure of the last great harvest with you. I do not speak lightly. All of your life’s training has been for this hour. I am within you, and I will do a Mighty Work. Follow Me ~ You “be” while “I do”. Shalom