Author and Finisher

Again I come to you, little ones, for I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith. I will not fail you in this last hour but you have been endowed with Power from on High. Bonnie is My Chosen vessel, and she speaks My Words with clarity. Listen to her posts.

The great deception is about to make a grand entry to the Earth and take up center stage. You will know, little ones, because you have been warned. Focus on Me and on your true Home. Remember the Boston Marathon bombings at the finish line? It was a mockery of Me. When you see these things, know that My coming is nigh, even at the very doors. You are currently rounding the last bend and are headed straight for the finish line. I await you. Little ones, do not fear this part of your race. Have I not confirmed that you will finish strong? Remember, “I Am” the “Author and the Finisher” of your faith. I have promised that not one hair on your head will perish. Not one of you will be left. You will cross the finish line and the door will shut behind you. Come, little ones, come…for a grand entrance is given you and your place is reserved.