My Outcasts

Oh, My little ones, you make Me smile. I hear all your cries and I answer all your prayers. Truly the last shall be first and those whom I have brought from the recesses of the wilderness are My Chosen ones, and yes, they will rise to become My present day Leaders: the David’s, the Moses’, the Daniel’s, the Peter’s and the Paul’s of my last-hour Bride. I have many of you strategically placed around My Earth, and you will march forth in power and great victory. My Word does not lie. In Hebrews I spoke of you, the outcasts who have wandered in the dens and caves of the Earth, of whom the world was not worthy. Little ones, you know you have nothing in and of yourselves but Me. I will flow out of you like a mighty rushing wind and the first pentecost is no match for this last great outpouring, for I will saturate the Earth with My power, and great will be the harvest. You have been cast away as David was in the back pastures of life, but I will bring you forth, and you will be mightily used of Me. Thus saith the Lord.