Treasured Vessels in My Safe

Oh, My little ones, I come to you once again. There are many little ones sad, for they have such great love for Me, yet they feel they have no gifts to offer Me. They see Me working through others, and they seek Me and wonder why they are not used in such a way. Therefore, they feel worthless and empty and weak. But I say unto you, My little ones, that things are not as they appear! Where do you place your most prized possessions? Do you place them in areas to be used daily, or are they located in the safe? I have plans for you little ones that encompass eternity. Therefore, do not look to the here and now as the end of your journey. I have many prized vessels currently in the safe that will bring Me incredible honor, and there is no vessel in My Kingdom that can do the work as the vessel for which it was created. Little ones, this is the mere cradle of your existence. All of eternity lies before us. You will experience shockwave after shockwave as I reveal My Will and My Ways with you. Each one of you is priceless beyond measure to Me, and there is no one that can bring me joy as you do. Therefore, do not wonder at another’s gift, for your gifts soon to be poured out will be specifically designed for the glory I have created for you. My great treasure is within you, and you will delight in My Joy as you are saturated with My Love. Come now, let Me hold you and comfort you in My Arms. Abba Father