Trust Me on the Water

Oh, My little ones, you are ill at ease, and you don’t understand why. I tell you to trust Me, and you try very hard to obey, but you are in a spiritual war the likes of which you have never encountered in your life. Therefore, the very core of your being is shaken. I have allowed this so you would learn to trust Me on the water even when you do not see me. You are like My disciples in the midst of the sea who feared greatly and called out to Me in desperation, for they believed their very lives were at stake. I have repeatedly told you, I would come to you in the midst of the storm, and not one hair on your head would perish. Trust Me with everything that is within you. Just as surely as I warn you of upcoming events, I spend most of My time teaching you that I will be with you. You are in the palm of My Hand, and I will not let you go.