What Is Decreed

Oh, My little ones, I come to you today to endow you with Power from on High. I have heard your prayers, seen your diligence and I work Mightily in your behalf. There is a multitude that no man can number awaiting all of you in the valley of decision. This is but the mere cradle of your existence. I will send you out, and you will all go forth with power, love and a sound mind. Scripture will enlighten before you as you have never dreamed possible. My Word is hidden in your heart, and it will come forth at that time to bring life to millions. You will hand out My Truth, and it will bring in the last great harvest as you have never dreamed possible. Food will appear before you, and water will flow out of rocks. Miracles will happen all around you. I simply need you to “Be” and I will “Do”. Not one of you is of less value than another. All of you are Chosen. It does not matter what you “feel” like today. I am the Creator, and I will do what I have decreed. Thus saith the Lord God Almighty which Was, and Is and Is to Come. No man shall stop what I have decreed.