All Is Prepared

Oh, My little ones, I speak loud and clear. Seek My Face. Ask, and ye shall receive that your joy may be full. Ask Me for a great harvest that none of your loved ones would be lost. Ask Me for direction in all you do, and then follow hard after Me. Seek My Face, for I Am Coming for all who seek Me. Ask now for the veil to be lifted, that you may see and understand. Ask Me for eye salve, that you may see. Ask for divine revelation to be poured out upon My little ones, that they may have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that understands. Ask that you may know Me from the least unto the greatest. But above all ~ ask that My Will be done on Earth even as it is in heaven.

Little ones, you have emptied yourselves. You have sought after Me. You have given all to Me. You have sat at My feet and learned of Me. I now send you forth as My messengers. You will not need the internet. You will not need electricity. You will not even need each other, for all of you will receive direct instruction from Me. I will be with you in Power as I was with Moses and with David, Abraham and Isaac, Elisha and Elijah, Enoch and Noah, Peter and Paul, and all of those heroes whom you long to meet. Now they long to meet you. I have many, many little ones strategically placed around My Earth. They make up My Bride. They are prepared. Their robes are spotless, and they have spent long years in preparation for this time. Some have spent longer than others, but all are prepared. Now as you step out of the bridal chamber, in full glory, the world will know that because of Me, you are. There are many guests who still need invitations, for their places are reserved, their mansions are finished, and their families are waiting for them. You hold the Keys. The harvest is ripe and the mustard plants have completed their purpose. Heaven and Earth are joined in waiting for My Father’s final call. All of Heaven anticipates this next step with indescribable joy. Many multitudes are gathered now ~ waiting your return. They are looking for you!! Little ones, do you see the finish line? I await you!! Shalom