In a Moment

Oh, My little ones, the battle rages on. As in Daniel, the archangel Michael and Gabriel warred mightily while Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days. Many of you have given up foods you dearly love and deprived yourselves of pleasurable things and are currently seeking Me with all your heart. I am strengthening the weak, healing the sick and binding up the wounded. All the while, My Love is coming down. The enemy would try to lull you to sleep with complacency and white noise, but your deep undying love presses you on. Weep for the dying and pray for the lost. Souls are all you bring with you. Be not distracted by appearance or withdraw in distaste because of filth. My hands are outstretched to a dying and lost world. You catch them, and I will embrace and cleanse them. You are on the brink of the River of Life . As you are connected to Me, life flows out of you bringing blood transfusions to millions. In the past, you have seen this transfiguration in small portions taking years to transpire. Now you will see it happen instantly. You will feel power go out of you as you are charged with energy from on High. You will walk in My Will on Earth as it is in heaven. You and I will walk through the Earth as One. I in My Bride and My Bride in Me. Earth has never known such Power as is in “US” combined. Demons will flee before you, and Satan will not be found. The harvest will come to you and fall into your hands. Many long years you have wept, but now, My little ones, you will reap. Even now the tevahs are coming ~ coming for you to fill. You are longing for your heavenly home, but I say unto you, heaven will be found in you as you come home rejoicing bringing your sheaves with you ~ Shalom