The Earth Will Mourn

Oh, My little ones, the hour is darkening. The veil is still in place. Soon darkness will overtake the Earth. I will be with you even when you do not feel me. Do not panic. Many events are taking place in the spirit realm of which you do not know or even understand. There will be a time, as it was with My disciples, when you will feel alone. Know that I am with you even to the end of the Earth. It is during this time when all of your life’s training will be of great value. Mountains will be removed and cast into the sea. Chaos as you have never dreamed possible will be the norm. Many will die and be lost forever without Me. Yet I will seem to delay, for the time is yet to come. Shortly after these things, the veil will be lifted, and you will know even as you are known. It is at this time when the remnant, My Bride, will be empowered from on High. Great mourning will cover the land that will continue for a time, times and half a time. There will be a great catching away as all those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be brought under the safety of the Shadow of My Wing. Then, the Earth shall know sorrow as it has never known since the foundations of time. Some of you will return to minister to those to whom you are sent. You will descend into the hell that has risen to fill the Earth. You will only be seen by those to whom you have been sent and they will fear greatly and will believe. Multitudes will die during the great tribulation hour for refusing to take the mark of the beast which is even now already in full access on the Earth. Such sadness as has not been known to man until this time will blanket the Earth, and you will weep. Little ones, you are Mine and will be in the number when I come for you. But first, you will work. You will not be tired or lack direction or have needs, for we will walk as One. You will “Be” and I will “Do”. I have spent years emptying your broken vessels and during this hour, the world will only see Me for there will be nothing left of you for your will is molded with Mine. I have pled with you to ready your houses and you have called out to Me for wisdom on just how to do this. Your prayers have been answered, and the blood is on your doorposts as the angel of death prepares to descend across the land. You will be spared, you and your households whom you have covered with the blood. For it is through My blood and not of your own works that you shall be saved. Many will weep in this day saying “Lord, Lord have we not done this and that in Thy Name.” But, I come for My own, and they are covered with My Blood. Little ones, fear not, for I am with you. I live in your midst, and I am coming to rescue you in My Arms. Shalom

NOTE: The vision that came with this message was dismal hopelessness and incredible destruction. The collateral damage effected most all of us. We wept. Those are the times coming when we may feel alone. Many of us may have family die during this. We are not to be shocked or feel forsaken. The Lord will keep our families safe even through death. The storm clouds were very dark over the whole Earth like at dusk, and the darkness was impregnated with extreme hopelessness. In this vision we did not seem to work very long at all before the rapture took place. We were raptured out of the harvest fields, and that brought yet more incredible mourning to the Earth. When we left, it was the straw that broke the camels back, and the world was completely forsaken after that.