Safety for Loved Ones

Oh, My little ones, as the clock ticks, so decreases the time. There is a time coming very soon when all will be perfectly clear. Do not stress over things that seem to be out of order, for all will make perfect sense, and you will know with a certainty what is going on and will be propelled into action as the spirit of understanding comes upon you. Now you struggle with the puzzle pieces and are unsure, and yet you seek Me with your entire being. I hear your prayers and am pleased with you. I will answer your requests with such clarity as the veil is lifted that you will know even as you are known.

Little ones, you have been ordained since before the foundation of the Earth for this time. Do not fear for your lives or the lives of your loved ones, for I have All in My Hands. I have heard your prayers for your unsaved loved ones, and I have ordained individuals that will reach them even at the moments just prior to My return. Some will be as the thief on the cross and will be swept into the Kingdom with even no breaths to spare. Some will cross the bridge with the assistance of angels in the gap between life and death. For, have you not stood in the gap for them for many years? The gap is large and the ravine is deep, but the bridge your prayers have created is strong, and with the assistance of the angels your loved ones will arrive Home. Trust and have faith, for I, the Lord, Am your Redemption, and I draw nigh!! Shalom