I Come as Written

Oh, My little ones, all is going as planned. There is much happening behind the scenes that you are unaware of. Some events you see, but many you do not. Lo, I am with you even unto the end and will bring you safely through ALL. Again, keep your eyes locked on Me, and Israel is your gauge. There will be a quick series of events that will take your breath away, but My peace will sustain you. You will remember the words that I have spoken and will hear Me with clarity. Walk in the light that you have, and more will be given you. Do not expect to receive the entire set of instructions at once. Instead, I will instruct you one step at a time, for as you complete one step of instruction another step will closely follow. You will not be overwhelmed or panicked, for I am with you. When you arrive at heaven’s shore, you will look back and laugh with joy at the miraculous path you ran through unharmed. There are very dark days ahead for the Earth. I have heard all your prayers for your loved ones and yourselves. There may well be times when you do not feel Me, but know within your heart that I am more real than the air you breathe, and I am with you. Walk in the knowledge you have, and more will be given you. I will provide knowledge for you even as I supplied manna to the children of Israel during the wilderness. There will not be knowledge to waste, but it will be just what you need, when you need it. You will even gasp and say, “Where did that come from?” But, you will know, recognize Me and smile. I am so anticipating My soon arrival for you, My Bride. I await My Father’s command. My heart is beating with overflowing joy as My horse paws the air. I am so ready for you, My Bride. Do not fear, for it is I who will work through you in My behalf, and we will return Home with the sheaves of the harvest completely intact. Your Groom awaits the Father’s command, and the Spirit and the Bride say “Come”.

NOTE: While receiving this word of the series of events that will take our breath away, there was a roller coaster vision complete with the feeling the riders experience. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, we are locked in safely and will suffer no harm. As in a roller coaster ride, it may appear we are suspended in mid air without support, moving with forced speed and never knowing what will happen next. It is but an illusion, and we are safe with Jesus.