The Great Transformation

You are cherished beyond measure and dearly loved. I come on a day that you think not, therefore get your houses in order and keep your armor on. As a snare shall this cataclysmic event come upon the face of the whole Earth, but it is not so for you, My Bride, for I will not let this day come upon you unawares. You will walk with me in Light that you have never dreamed possible on Earth. I will flow through you in a magnitude that is completely foreign to Earth minds. Bible stories are but a mere shadow of what is to come, for I will flow upon this Earth in Power that has not been seen since the Creation. This ushers in a new beginning, a paradigm change, that you, My Bride, will assist Me in. You have been trained, now you will be changed into My likeness, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye your redemption will be complete, and you and I will walk in complete ONENESS. Everything within you will transform, and you will know even as you are known. Trust Me during the cataclysmic event. Trust Me in Earth’s darkest hour, for after three days you will rise in newness of Light. This is very soon to come. I see your hope. I see your expectation. I see your impatience, and I smile, for there is much trust and anticipation in your midst. I am very pleased with you. I hear and answer all of your prayers in fashions that will bring you the most joy and the greatest blessings. I ask you as My Bride, to bring Me all your requests, beyond your highest thoughts and dreams, so that you may receive and so that your joy may be filled to overflowing. Your place of current residence does not change your status with Me. You are My Bride, and as such, I again ask you to come to Me with All of your needs and desires. You are like Esther and fearful to approach Me with those things that concern you the most. Now is the time to bring Me All your concerns so that you will be Free to be transformed into One with Me.

Abba, Father, Your Redeemer, Closest Confident, Friend and Bridegroom