The Great Harvest

Oh, My little ones, the hour is critically short, and the time of your departure is near. Keep your eyes on Me and Me alone. I have given you insight of soon coming distress, and the information will continue to increase with clarity as current events come to pass. The enemy has planned a great deception and destruction that will envelop the entire globe. Even now the angels have been sent to reap the Earth. Currently the sheep are being separated from the goats, the light from darkness, and the wheat from tares. Appointed ones are gathering together souls for the Ark of Safety. They will run to Me, and you will assist them into the Ark amidst much turmoil and strife upon the Earth, and then the doors will shut. You will leave this Earth during great disaster, and you will watch as the enemy’s plans go awry and he destroys his own. You will find great pleasure and joy in this harvest, for the veil will be lifted and you will see the enemy for who he is. He will run from you in great fright as you reveal his deception and snatch souls from the gateways of hell. You will know even as you are known, and will walk in the fullness of My knowledge, wisdom, and power. You will be given the Keys to death, hell, and the grave, and you will set the captives free. Many will be pulled directly out of the gates of hell and into My waiting arms, for I have sealed them and they are Mine. Then, the door will shut, and great will be the weeping and wailing across the Earth, for many are those who have called themselves sheep and are not. They are of their father the devil and have served him well under the guise of My Name, but I will not be mocked. My little ones, do not fear the coming days, for you will rule and reign with Me in Truth and Light and bring great hope to this dying world. Abba Father