I Am Coming

Oh, I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. Everything is going like clockwork behind the scenes. World leaders, intent upon fulfilling their new world agenda, are playing right into My Hands, just as I foreordained. My little ones, you will play a very large part in My plan. Keep your eyes focused on Me, for I will guide you step by step. You will have a moment of time to walk in faith when things begin to happen very quickly, but, you will pause, and you will remember all I have taught you, and you be filled with strength like you have never dreamed possible. The time is nigh at hand. Your enemy truly believes he will prevail this time, yet he fears you. His fears will be realized when he is attacked from all sides and loses his most prized possessions by single rebukes from you. There is much at stake; many lives are hanging in the balances in the valley of decision. All the sheep you will gather into My fold, while the goats will depart from before you. The night is falling; a new day is at hand. The Earth will change like a garment before you, and the world will never be the same. I will not be mocked. I will come forth with fury no man has seen, and yet I will protect My own. Fear not, My little ones, for I hold you in the palm of My Hand, and you are protected under the shadow of My Wing. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. You will see My Glory and My Power as you ride with Me on the wings of the wind. You will laugh with joy as I hold you, and you will know Me as I know you. Much joy is just before you. Shalom