Time No More

Oh, My little ones, the hour has come. This is the road you have been created to travel. As I died for them, even so, you will bring them in. As I followed My Father, even so, you will follow Me. As the Earth was dark in the day of My death, even so, it will be dark in the day of My harvest. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. You have gone through the crucible of blacksmith’s hammer and anvil and have been set aside and chosen for this hour. Many joys are just before you. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the great things I have planned for you. Trust Me completely, for the hour is upon you. Julie’s message is true. The lines are drawn, and the sheep have been separated from the goats.

You now live in My Courts and will go forth from there to issue My Will and Judgments upon the Earth. I have heard your petitions and decreed them, for your wills have been blended with Mine. Time is no more ~ for I have spoken, says the Lord.