Earth’s Darkest Hour

Oh, My little ones, thick blackness covers the Earth. Soon you will see what is currently just before you. Gross darkness as man has never known will blanket the Earth. Confusion will Reign. You will bring My Light into this dark world and will exude hope. Much is coming. Even those who say they know Me will panic as My disciples did, but I ask you to stay strong in faith. The time of prayer and preparation in the Garden of Gethsemane is almost past. The darkest hour is just before you. Know that I am with you when all strength appears to crumble. You have received proper training and you will not fail Me in this hour but will be infused with Power from on High. Wait for Me, for I am coming, and I will NOT delay. Things are not as they appear. You are not weak, as you feel, for it is in your weakness that I am made strong. The battle is Mine, and We will win. It is an honor, little ones, to be part of My End Time Army. You Be, and I will Do. Shalom