Great Disaster at Hand

Oh, My little ones, look not to the right hand or to the left. Follow Me and Me alone. Much has happened that you know not of. Satan has been removed from My heavens and knows his time is very short. Israel is his target, and he hates you passionately. The darkness closes in as My Light is removed. Great disaster is upon the Earth. There will be a period where you do not feel me at all. You will feel forsaken as I did when I hung on the cross. This will not last long, for you will quickly pass from death into life and will arise to accomplish your new duties and tasks. You will be infused with much wisdom and knowledge. Know this empowerment is coming and wait for it. There is nothing for you to fear, for Satan cannot touch or even see you. Disaster as you have never dreamed possible will initially take your breath away, but this is Our harvest field. This is where you will be empowered. Life and death reigns in the valley of decision. My grapes will be gently brought in, but the enemy will flee from My Power. Fire will come forth from you to slay the wicked, while My Harvest is brought to safety. The lines have been drawn and the separation has been made. You have already passed from death into life and live in heavenly realms. What has already happened in the Spirit realm will be fully manifested in the natural. The event is sure, and the time is now. Shalom