Beyond the Gate

Oh, My Little ones, the time is now, the hour is upon us. I will gather you together as I come to receive My Own. Forsake all dissension and strife. None of it matters to Me except that you release it, for I Am your All in All. The footsteps of the Messiah are even now heard by your spirit man. The Earth will quake, rattle and roll as I descend and come near. You will know it is I. Fear Not, for I will come for you in the midst of the Storm. You will run for Me, and I will gather you up and embrace you, for you are My Jewels and greatly Chosen by Me. I love you with an everlasting Love. You will break free of the wheelchairs and all diseases will flee, as you rise to meet Me, your Victor of all. Your hearts will be welded with Mine, and instructions will be abundantly given. You will know and understand the Father’s perfect will, even as I. We are already completely united in Spirit, but then, My little ones, you will be made perfect in Me. Tears of joy will flow, as the hearts that have been molded into My image for an entire Earth life are transformed into My Likeness. Gifts will be bestowed upon you that will greatly enhance your life’s work. Goodness will flow from you upon the Earth like rivers of living water as you provide food, water, and shelter for many. Miraculous healings will proceed from you as the mighty grape harvest is ushered into the Presence of Almighty God. All of your life’s promises and desires will be fulfilled in ways you have never dreamed possible. Your transformation is sealed, and your hope is secure. Abba Father

Seek Me

Oh, My little ones, I am with you now even unto the end. Though trouble is rampant all around you, I keep you safe under the shadow of My Wings. Hope thou in Me. I have allowed many events to seemingly overtake you so you would learn to keep your eyes on Me and only Me. It is imperative in the coming hours that you hear from Me directly. It is imperative that you seek Me and Me alone. Remember, you and I walk as One. Do not look to others for your direction. Seek Me in the deepest recesses of your heart and I will come and speak to you in the midnight hour. You will know Me, for I come in the still small voice. It is but a whisper, so all the clamor of the world must be laid aside. You must trust Me and My voice. You must lay your fears at My Feet for that is where My blood ran and covered the dust of the Earth that you were created from. You are redeemed and you are Mine. Lower yourself to sit at My feet as Mary did, and you will learn of Me and hear My voice. I love you much more than you could ever imagine, and great joy is just before Us. Shalom

Do Not Despair

Oh, My little ones, do not be distraught. I am with you now as never before. Look to the heavens, for very soon you shall see Me appear. Look not to strife, envy, and confusion of circumstances as gauges of Me. You know Me in your heart, and you know My voice. I will make myself known to each and every one of you. You will all hear Me from the smallest to the most mature. All will know Me and that I greatly delight in you. Fear not!! I come, and My reward is with Me. The saddest and the most downcast I will gather into My Arms and hold and heal. I will touch your hearts and make your spirit soar. For you are Mine, says the Lord, and I joy over you!!! Take heart, and do not despair. I am very soon to come. Shalom

I Have Plans for All My Little Ones

I have plans for all of you that encompass eternity. I have brought all of you here and there is no accident in My plan. There is much more than meets the eye — depth that will only be revealed with time. You are in My foundation where the greatest strength lies. You are within Me in ways you have never dreamed possible. I lead you, I guide you, and it is I who will bring you safely home. Shalom