Seek Me

Oh, My little ones, I am with you now even unto the end. Though trouble is rampant all around you, I keep you safe under the shadow of My Wings. Hope thou in Me. I have allowed many events to seemingly overtake you so you would learn to keep your eyes on Me and only Me. It is imperative in the coming hours that you hear from Me directly. It is imperative that you seek Me and Me alone. Remember, you and I walk as One. Do not look to others for your direction. Seek Me in the deepest recesses of your heart and I will come and speak to you in the midnight hour. You will know Me, for I come in the still small voice. It is but a whisper, so all the clamor of the world must be laid aside. You must trust Me and My voice. You must lay your fears at My Feet for that is where My blood ran and covered the dust of the Earth that you were created from. You are redeemed and you are Mine. Lower yourself to sit at My feet as Mary did, and you will learn of Me and hear My voice. I love you much more than you could ever imagine, and great joy is just before Us. Shalom