Follow Me Out

Be prepared, for the time of your departure is at hand. Your tasks are completed. What appears to you to be unfinished is not, for I will complete it. Your assignment is over; the seeds have been planted and will bring forth a bountiful harvest. Over some, more rain must fall, but it is I, not you, that will bring forth the increase. Now, you must leave it all behind to follow Me out. This is just as important as your laboring in the fields. Obedience brings forth a great reward. I would not have you stay in the fields at this time, for it is of utmost importance that you follow Me out. This is your next task. You will leave behind much pain. It must be so for the harvest to be brought into fullness. What appeared at Calvary to be the end brought forth My resurrection. What appears to be your end will bring forth your transformation. This has been designed since the beginning of time to bring forth in fullness the Will of Our Father. The enemy would desire to entangle you in what I would have you step out of. Follow Me as I call you out, for it is in forsaking all ~ that you will gain All. Behold I come quickly, and I will not delay.