My Last Call

Oh, My little ones, I come to you this last time before I usher in the new dispensation that is now upon the Earth. World leaders are celebrating what they deem a great victory even as Haman of old. But the tables of Iran and Israel will turn, and the leaders of this day will stand in Awe of My Power and My Glory. Their kingdoms will fall. The time is now. Hasten to make yourselves ready, for the time is now, and this hour, I will show Myself mighty through you. Follow Me when I come for you. Tarry not when you hear Me call. I will come for you as a thief in the night, and great will be the mourning in this land. Hearken unto Me this day, for My prophets have not spoken in vain. The watchmen on the wall have sounded the alarm. There is now no excuse. I come for you, and I will not delay! Shalom