The Next Assignment

Oh, My dearest ones, I speak to you now of upcoming events. You will follow Me through much evil and danger, yet you will not fear or tremble, for you will walk with Me and know no harm. You will be in your transformed body for these great tasks just ahead of you. Do not be alarmed, for you have been fully prepared for this assignment. You will walk with Me as though there had never been another life previously. You will talk with Me even more fluently than you talk with each other. Much is just before you. When I come for you, you will clearly hear Me call. Your heart leaps in anticipation even now. The love you have for Me is rare, but I have saved it for the Chosen ones of My Kingdom. I have placed it there. Do not look at others and wonder why they do not have the same zeal for Me that you do, for it is a gift that I will use to bring My plan into fruition. Rest all cares at My Feet, for My blood is sufficient for All. Do not think for a moment that you will arrive in My Courts to be at ease. You will meet with loved ones and weep for joy. You will feast at My table that was prepared for you before the foundations of the Earth. Then, you will return and experience the shock of your life as the tumultuous surroundings are transformed with your arrival. You will bring in the harvest as it comes to you like waves of wheat to a combine. You will not grow weary or be faint of heart. You will have periods of rest in My courts, and then you will return to the harvest with even greater joy than when you left it. Trust in Me, for you will laugh and delight in this your new assignment. Shalom