Infusion of Oil

Again, My little ones, I come to you bringing you comfort and joy. Things do not at this time make sense to your natural minds. This is the screen of the veil you look through darkly. Things are very different than they appear in the natural. Therefore you must walk by Faith and not by sight. I am bringing all of you to a place of trust in Me that you have never been before. It is imperative that you learn this lesson now. I require blind, unshaken faith and trust. It was required of My leaders of old, and it is required of My leaders now. Think not for a moment that I have forsaken you or spoken to you in vain. The natural man does not comprehend My Way, but your spirit man understands perfectly. You have heard Me speak clearly. Confusion only reigns when you look to the natural for confirmation. I Am God, and I fail not. You have been sifted from the wheat of the Earth to fulfill My work. My requirement is that you trust Me fully to bring My plan to fruition in you. You already know you are nothing without Me. Now let Me be Me, that your entire vessel may be used for the Master’s purpose. Complete reliance on Me infuses your being with power from on High that has never been known to mankind. This infusion is a gift, and it is filling you even now to overflowing. It is the extra oil that I spoke of and imperative for this hour. There is Much just before you. Follow Me as the path narrows. I will not allow your foot to slip as I guide you safely Home. Shalom