Fear Not

My little ones, grave darkness pours upon the Earth. Hope in Me, for I will yet guide you through your darkest hour which is now overshadowing all lands. The great transformation is just before you. What appears to be sudden destruction is but the door you will walk through. Behold, I come quickly. Moments now ~ is all that separates you from hearing My call. Those in the destruction zones will be snatched from harms way and carried in My Arms to heaven’s near shore. You have nothing to fear. Those of you, whose lives withstand the shaking that is coming upon the Earth, need not grieve the disaster prevalent around them. I have answered your prayers for your loved ones, and all are kept safe in the palm of My hand. Trust Me as you descend into the bowels of hell, for behold, I am with you. Trust Me as you ride the wings of the wind through the heavens, for behold I am with you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. The great transformation is mere moments ahead. Life and death will march heavily through the Earth, and My Love will triumph victorious. Fear not! Though a thousand may fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked. I come quickly. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, you will be transformed, and you shall behold Me, and your joy will be unspeakable and full of glory. Behold I come quickly. ~ See that no man take thy crown. Shalom

Be Encouraged

I have sent additional protection for your loved ones who do not yet know Me. For your loved ones that know Me and yet have not sought My Ways, I will protect and keep them as they place their trust in Me. Your children under the age of accountability, or mentally impaired, will be sheltered from the storms and will ride the Tevahs with you.