Extra Oil

Oh, My little ones, how I draw you unto Myself and how I cherish you. I will not leave you comfortless. Utilize My love, My peace, and My hope, but above all ~ utilize My Holy Spirit. Allow Me to comfort you, allow Me access into the recesses of your heart to cleanse and refine you. It is only when you allow Me free reign in your life that you will be set free from earthly entanglements. Strife and confusion will be cherished jewels in your heavenly crown “if” you release them unto Me now. Hold jealousy, envy, and anger close, and you will sever My Spirit from within you. Now is the time to release all to Me, and I will elevate you to new heights in Me. It is imperative that you obtain additional oil for the journey that rises steeply before you. You are waiting for Me to come for you ~ but as you die to self ~ I will raise you up to Me. You will meet Me in the air. You are rising even now, but more oil is vitally needed! This journey is not for the faint of heart. This journey is for those who have died to all that is within themselves. This journey is for those who have overcome the self life. You are your own worst enemy. Crucify yourselves that you might be raised in new life with Me. You must dissolve to ashes ~ to be raised in My Power. My Word speaks of this. The last shall be first, for it is I who will raise them up, and they shall be transformed by My Power. Those who currently are first will then be last. Do not choose earthly power and acknowledgement. Instead, choose a life of death in Me. For, it is in dying and surrender to Me that you obtain the “extra oil” that is required for your continued journey home. I am coming for you, and I will not delay. It is high time to obtain your extra oil. Shalom