Seek Me in Solitude

Oh, My little ones, look not to the right hand or to the left. Keep your eyes ever on Me. Seek me in the secret place, alone, away from the world and its constant distractions. You look for My soon coming, and yet I would draw you away from the world now for time spent only with Me. To the immature child this endeavor appears to be fruitless, for how can there be fruit in the desert where there are no people? Yet here you learn to hear My voice. Here you learn to Know Me. Here you forsake even your ministry, for I alone Am your All in All. You give praise to others, and you do it in My Name. You even exude much energy to be a blessing to others, and you do it in My Name. But I would ask you to praise Me in the solitude and sit at My feet. Most of My children find this quite distasteful. For the world does not see this. It is just you and I here. We are as far removed from the busyness of world ministry as the east is from the west. Yet this is where I call My Bride, who has eyes only for Me. Modern day churches are so busy working for Me that they do not know Me. I would not have it be so with you, My little ones. Many are called, but few are chosen, and for those I chose, I also equip. There is about to be a harvest upon this Earth that the world has never dreamed of. Only those who have sought My Face, sat at My feet, and learned of Me in solitude, will be equipped with the tools needed to reap this great harvest. Those who are now laboring to offer talented displays and prizes to Me, will in that day be empty handed. For in My Word it is plainly written “The last shall be first, and the first last.” Seek Me in the place of solace and solitude. Do not seek man’s vain approval or earthly praise, for in the light of My Glory all will be revealed. I am coming very soon for My Bride who has forsaken all the world contains and has eyes divinely fastened with love only on Me. Shalom