Triumphant Over All

Oh, My little ones, I am ever with you. Your days of waiting are wrought with diamonds. Thank Me for the coal. The dark rough edges hide My precious jewels from many. Effort must be put forth to find Me hidden in plain sight. To most I am not seen, but to My Chosen ~ I am revealed. I am there waiting in each disaster you face, for the greater the trial, the more stunning the victory. I have not asked you to die to self in vain. For it is only in dying that you truly live, and it is only in giving up your desires that you truly find them. Then, My light will radiate from you brighter than the stars in the sky, and My fragrance will draw many into My Kingdom. There is but a vapor of your Earth life that remains. Therefore let these trials invoke you to pour every drop of self out as I did My blood on the cross. Let it flow from you and mingle in the pool of my blood upon the dust of the Earth. Love not your life unto death, for it is only in being buried with Me that you will be raised in My likeness. Then, and then only, will you be hidden in Me, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you. Shalom