Keep Your Eyes on Me

My little ones, My heart breaks for what is coming upon your Earth. Men will gnash their teeth in pain and yet refuse to call out to My Name, for their hearts will be hardened even as Pharaoh’s was. But you, My little ones, will march through the land and assist untold multitudes whose hearts will turn toward Me. The disasters will come from all sides. I am your ONLY hope and abundant supply. Many of my little ones currently fear, for they have not the resources stored up for such a time as this. Yet I say unto you, I will multiply what you have. Many doomsday preppers have stored up for this day and yet withhold their heart from Me. I say unto you, what they have stored up will be taken from them and trodden under foot of men, for unless the Lord guards the house, the watchers watch in vain. I am your only hope and My Providence is sure. The disasters will come suddenly and grip the entire world in its trap, but I will give you peace that passes all understanding in the midst of the storm. Keep your eyes and heart focused on Me. Many of your loved ones will precede you into eternity, but let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, for I will carry them to safety before they are overtaken in death. All is prepared, and the time is at hand. Walk with Me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Shalom