Ark of Safety

My little ones, I am here. You have not heard incorrectly, there is no time left. Be not weary in heart or deed. All is in place. I have hidden you deep in the recesses of My heart where there is peace and safety. It is not necessary to know and understand all that will come to pass or even in what order. You have learned to trust in Me. Do not be as those who incessantly question, striving to understand every detail of the future, for to do so is to set one’s self up as God. Wait instead for divine revelation from Me, for with My understanding comes great peace. Remember obedient Noah, his family, and the Ark I designed for mere animals. The winds blew, the storm raged, and everyone who mocked Me died, yet within the safety of the Ark, My chosen ones were hidden and unharmed. Trust Me in this last hour, for as in the days of Noah so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Shalom