Prepare Your Hearts

Come, My little ones, and gather around Me. Sit at My feet, and rest in My presence. The world will swirl around you and confuse even the greatest of My children when their eyes are not focused on Me. Many of My children verbalize their long lists of trials in total anxiety and panic to their friends. Yet, it is only in releasing your grasp on those trials and leaving them in My hands that you are set free. More of My children are strapped to the past with endless lists of grievances and wrongs that they have been the unfortunate victims of. Yet it is only in releasing the offense in forgiveness and praying for the offender to be blessed that you are healed of your wounds and set free. Even more of My children live in total regret of past mistakes and failures to the point they are completely crippled in this current life. Yet those same sins, mistakes, and failures when given completely to Me in thanksgiving, are taken by the Master and created into such a vessel of honor that you will gasp in awe at its beauty. For, it is releasing “all that you are” into My keeping, it is trusting Me to actually “Be your friend”, it is “listening to My voice” speak to you with love and it is “trusting Me” to bring you into Life Everlasting. Abba Father