Reach for Me

My little ones, rest in Me. The world would swirl around you in a kaleidoscope of seemingly good activity, but that’s all it is, My child, useless activity. Many are the organizations that would request your assistance and consume all of your time and energy doing what is called good, but in the end there are no lasting results, for all will burn to ashes as wood, hay, and stubble. Choose instead inner solitude in Me. You ask how one can choose this solitude in Me when your life currently feels like a storm of utter chaos, but I say unto you, there is a haven of peace set aside for you in the midst of the storm. Let your inner man listen intently for My voice and surrender to My love. Trust Me to do this for you, My little ones. For as the shepherd calms the frantic lamb, even so, I provide solace and rest for you in the midst of your storm. Reach for Me. Receive My peace, and then reside in it. You will find the stormy waves dissolve into peaceful waters when I am ALL you see. Choose Me above all else, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Abba Father