Only Me

My little ones, gather around Me and know with assurance that My coming is nigh, even at the door. As I was with the children of Israel when I led them out of the land of Egypt, even so, I AM with you. It is imperative that you keep your eyes on Me and not on others. Your earth is even now collapsing under its heavy weight of sin, and soon there will be nothing left but total disaster. Only those whose eyes are fixed solely on Me will assist in My final work of gathering the great harvest from the four corners of the earth. These chosen ones hear and see nothing but Me and My love for mankind. These empty vessels understand they are nothing without Me and have poured out their lives in love and gratitude to only Me. Many of these hidden ones are totally unseen by the “Christian world”, for they dwell deep within the recesses of My heart. Remember, those who are least in the Kingdom of Heaven are greater than John the Baptist, for the last shall be first and the first last. Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of God that you may be counted worthy. I AM your only righteousness. Come to Me in repentance, and let go of ALL self righteousness. Be as the publican who smote his breast and said, “God be merciful to me a poor sinner.” Be as the thief who was dying on the cross, and yet looking to Me said, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” I AM all you need. Come to Me naked and empty, for I AM your all in all. Shalom