My Divine Purpose

Fear not, My little one, for I AM with you. Before the foundations of time, I created you to be upon the Earth at this place, and in this time, for My purpose. My purpose embraces your entire life and all of the plans that have gone awry. Many were the times you ran after your own desires in desperation, hoping against hope that your needs would be fulfilled. Yet, at the end of each of these empty desires, you found Me waiting with outstretched arms, and I held you tightly while your heart cried. Now, as you look back at the rocky road you have come from, much may appear to be total loss, yet I have bestowed gifts upon you that could not have been received on any other path. My child, understand within your heart that I treasure you and have blessed you beyond all earthly measure ~ just because I love you. Know that I AM your God, and I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. The hope you now have in your heart was placed there by Me, so you could learn to trust Me totally. Now I ask that you give Me ALL that is within you: the hopes, the dreams, the failures, the pain, and past shame. If you hold on to these, they will cripple you and weigh you down under their heavy load of care. If you release these to Me, you will no longer be shackled and will learn to run freely in My Light and be healed. When given to Me, the very things that used to cripple you will now set you free, for it becomes raw material with which I create a new world for you to live in. The past dust and ashes of your life will reap a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of God when My River of Life flows through you. Give it to Me, child, give it Me!! Then turn and follow Me, for I need ALL of you to complete My glorious purpose in your life. — Abba Father