Key of Forgiveness

My little ones, there is a “key” in the Kingdom of Heaven that is much more powerful than the law of gravity on earth. It is known as the key of forgiveness, and it will either shackle you to the past in a prison or free you to soar over difficulties as an eagle soars over the storm. Throughout the course of time, all of My children are given many opportunities to use the key of forgiveness. Many grievances will come against you, some are intentional and some are unintentional, yet within each of these grievances lays the powerful key. If you turn the wrong direction and choose not to forgive the perpetrator, a shackle is formed as the key turns to unforgiveness and you are locked into that space of time. Each time you do not forgive, more shackles are formed and more locks are placed until you are entirely trapped in a prison of your own making. What makes this choice even worse is the perpetrator usually goes free, while you are completely held captive. However, this same key when turned in the right direction brings incredible freedom. As you turn to follow Me and forgive others, as I forgave you, wings are formed instead of shackles. Each time you forgive others; more and more strength is added to your wing span until you break entirely free of this earthly bondage and rise like an eagle to soar above the storms. This key frees the overcomer in this life. This key raises you to sit in heavenly places with Me, for this is My key to the Kingdom of heaven. Shalom